Arrsmusic deals with music creation and music production for various business applications including film, theatre, tv and multimedia. Updated, fresh sounds with specific European flavour are made by acclaimed and experienced musicians from Poland.

We are not only musicians, we gained experience and professionalism being active in various businesses, from feature film production to advertising, and media journalism.

We have skills and motivation to identify all simple yet sophisticated customer’s needs, so that the created sound fits perfectly to the final cut.

Being strongly engaged in media and sound creation and production, and in the same time being musicians and music writers – we are ready to take part actively in any performance type cross-art event.

We are ready to intensive joint search of new appropriate sound, to cooperation by the recording of any type – live, or indoors, for any application, see review in rolling stone.

We also specialise in finding proper solutions for everyone who looks for any type of sound or music recording – especially in this part of Europe -e.g. post production, choir and orchestra hiring and recording studio equipment.