Marcin Staniszews

producer, engineer, composer and arranger, musician, journalist. He studied jazz and music production of radio and television at New York University (scholarship Batory Foundation). Graduate Journalism at the University of Wroclaw. Creator Vibra Lux team (this year’s performance at the festival in Opole, works published in Poland Warner Music and Sony BMG). Manufacturer of advertising, broadcast and radio campaign. Underbed studio owner. Many years of experience in music and film journalist.

Rafal Smolinski

producer, implementation, composer and arranger, musician. Actively participates in the work of foundations and associations engaged in activities from the scope of the wider culture. Active improviser, performance measures wizard, composer and arranger, session musician, bassist. Manufacturer of music for media and advertising. Graduate WSZ-POU (Oxford Brookes University) in the direction of Change Management spec. civil society. 7 years in TP SA (Such as process management and IT).

Andrzej Rejman

producer, composer and arranger, musician. The composer of hundreds of songs, champion of working with singers, minimalist and ascetic life. He collaborated with leading Polish artists (Kayah, LeBlue, G. Auguscik, W. Pilichowskim, M. Surzyn). A graduate of economics topics SGGW.Kompozytor advertising since the early 90’s. Over the years, accumulated a great experience and patience, yet full of energy and ideas, constantly taking new actions. Along with Rafal works crosskulturowo, giving the music great sensitivity and empathy.
Depending on your needs arrsmusic also cooperate with our friends. Here are some of them:

Martin Kuczewski

-pianist and arranger, composer and accompanist. Cooperation in modern interior (soul, pop, R & B)

Sebastian Sołdrzyński – trumpeter, session musician, arranger. Graduated from the Faculty of Jazz and entertainment at the Music Academy in Katowice. Cooperation in the interior section of brass and jazz styling (for big band) and he specializes in building studio equipment.

Janusz Smyk – saxophonist, flautist, trumpeter, jazz pianist, composer. A graduate of the Music Academy in Katowice. Cooperation in the performances and recording sessions.

Witold Zielinski – implementer. Cooperation in the field of voice overs and prompts to the hotline.

Diego Armando Ruda – graphics, photography, programming, vocal and voice-recordings.


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